Catherine Eaton Skinner | Between The Gates

For me, art is a bond not only to our environment, but most importantly, to each other. My work hopes to link us to the anima and earth: seeing with open eyes; cherishing the waters that ensure our survival. Our cultural memory lies within the physicality of place as we continue to find ways to understand each other.

Aurelie Crisetig | If you don’t share, were you really there?

For me, art is the materialisation of a creative impulse based on our own perception of life. Art required a sensibility drawn in our inner self that allows the artist to create objects, material or immaterial, tangible or intangible, durable or ephemeral which represents, realistically or abstractly, his/her feelings regarding the world, society, people or him/herself.

Agbowó | Limits

To provide global access to creative Africans, helping them reach their audiences and markets. We are delighted to announce the release of Agbowó’s second issue.