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Rihkee Strap

I was born in Red Lake, a small town in Northern Ontario. When I was young I remember my grandmother’s house being full of prints by the Woodlands artists of the Triple-K Cooperative, a local silk screen collective that operated during the 70s, although I wouldn’t understand their significance until later.

After its inception I lived within and was a part of the Arcadia Project, a “social sculpture” operated by Matt Ceolin and situated in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. This period of time was profound for my own artistic development and for the community at large. After the Arcadia Project closed in September of 2009, there has been an outgrowth of creative projects frantically attempting to compensate.

Phrail & Allison - Rihkee Strap

In Febuary of 2010, I acquired property to aid my level of production. It is now referred to as The Medicine Factory studio which continues to operate independent of my influence. Groups of individuals like the Triple K Cooperative now standout to me as benchmark for self-determination in the North.

I have since returned to Red Lake to study my heritage, and currently work at the Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre as the assistant catalogist.

Featuring works by multi-disciplinary artist Rihkee Strap, a metis from Northwestern Ontario, her tumblr portal contains a curriculum vitae, biography, and photo journal.

Visit the website of Rihkee Strap: rihkee.tumblr.com

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