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  • Martin portrait - ilaria Berenice

    ilaria Berenice

    ilaria Berenice: I’m a polyhedral artist painter, I love to combine several arts, various techniques and different creative people.

    My art varies depending on the time, I could say on the moment, because my boss is the inspiration, which is named Berenice, and I am at my service, and this is what I like. From inspiration comes the idea and so the action, in particular I give special attention to the light, whose vibration scatters the whole matter in my work , but starting from the dark, because indeed it is the dark that gives more value to the light, and both work perfectly together.

    Self portrait 50 x 65 cm - ilaria Berenice

    In the faces I value human expression in its interiority and simplicity and my language is always poetic, in a way that good and evil don’t exist because they blend harmoniously into each other.

    Art is pure truth, which brings me to accept everything about me, freeing myself from the limits of the constraints, and when art is authentic is also revolutionary, because the real revolution is not a matter of violence but transformation in consciousness.

    Roy portrait - ilaria Berenice

    In the free expression chaos is not chaotic at all, everything is in place but with no patterns that can classify or put in “order”, so duality is replaced by a balance where everything communicates with the other. When I lived in Brazil as a support used everything I could find around, bark, wood, cardboard etc.., when I went back to Italy I liked to recycle fabric mounted on frames, or work on wood. Now I often use the classic canvas, but I like to use any kind of material I have available. Anyway I like to evolve and change, without being attached to a certain type of media or material, I have no fixed patterns, sometimes I start with an idea that entirely changes during the work.

    It is the inspiration that creates passion and gives magic to the result, so I know that a work is finished when the inspiration is over, when I have nothing more to add.

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