Cathey Ambush – Abstract, colorful, whimsical

Arcadium - Cathey Ambush

Cathey Ambush

I have been an artist since childhood and am mostly self-taught. I derive great pleasure in the whimsy of color combinations, lines and forms, and the sensation of movement. My art is deeply personal and expresses an emotional content that is both experimental and optimistic.

Reptile - Cathey Ambush

Inspired by the styles of pop art, indigenous art and abstraction, I use these references to create works that will arouse the audience. I explore themes of childhood play, dreams, and everyday soundscape. My work, particularly my illustrations, are spontaneous, freehand, and dictated by the moods over several days.

Vital Signs - Cathey Ambush

I work with a variety of surfaces, to include canvas, ceramic, paper, and wood. I utilize both acrylic and oil paints in my pieces, paying close attention to color and spatial proportion. I strive to use color contrast and lines to create memorable images while incorporating complex details that underpins the subconscious world.

One of my goals as an artist is to make art as accessible as possible. Street art is a major influence in my work, and the notion of breaking the physical confines of art inspires me. Rather than the masses flocking to museums and galleries, I would like to see art come to the masses. Art should brighten and breathe life into the ordinary environment. I love playing with new designs and seeing the reactions of viewers as they interpret my work and consider new possibilities.

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