Jasmina Rojc – Rolling caps

Rolling caps - Jasmina Rojc

Jasmina Rojc


Rolling caps - Jasmina Rojc

This work of art is a wall painting of Slovenian company Slocap. You can find it on the outside central wall of the building.The misure of the mural is 8 x 30 metres.

Rolling caps - Jasmina Rojc

I got the inspiration for this mural when I looked at the machines in the building, which they produce PVC caps for bottles. So, I was connecting my idea of Rolling caps with interior elements of the company machines. I wanted to show the imaginary story of this machines. But I wasn’t look a mirage of order…I saw flowers!

When I was painting a mural, I wanted to show the delusion of our time. I wanted to paint the truth and fallacy. Nowadays art doesn’t want rules, it goes to infinity and it doesn’t stop. Creativity shouldn’t be closed in one measure, it doesn’t need to have borders and limits of various measures…Is important to have endless dream…dreams of flowers.

Visit the website of Jasmina Rojc: www.facebook.com/jasmina.rojc

Have a beautiful day!

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