Aubrey Whaley III – Non-formal abstract realism

Aubrey D Whaley III

Aubrey Whaley III

Revolving Love - Aubrey D Whaley III

I am 24 year old male artist, with no formal training, just God given ability and natural inspiration. Some of my ideas are at customer request, where as most are inspired by my everyday life and background.

I like to put realism and abstract on the same plate, giving vivid imagination and detail about what I may be portraying in my artwork, keeping the viewer guessing.

The Western Star - Aubrey Whaley III

Despite the works I can produce, I have very little knowledge of color and principle. The way I accomplish this is by viewing the desired color or makeup in my mind before I lay it on canvas, I then work the mediums together until I have achieved the end result. Pride isn’t keeping me from receiving training, I have just never had the time or money to do so; I enjoy artwork, it is a passion that fuels me, and I view my entire life as a living painting.

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