Alejandro Ontiveros Robles – Momentos (in)conscientes / (Un)conscious Moments

Alejandro Ontiveros Robles

Alejandro Ontiveros Robles

Our society is changing its manners on relationships. And I think that, in so many cases, in a deep less way, caused by the big wave of the new technologies and social networks.

Man with a World - Alejandro Ontiveros Robles

I took this change to focus my whole artistic project Conexiones in the human relations, their importance for creating a free society, and for conforming individuals with own personality, to be part of this society.

In this case, the main issue of the exhibition is the subproject Momentos (in)conscientes.

WATER (part of a series) - Alejandro Ontiveros Robles

For me, it is a space where I think about the lonely moments, moments where you are with anyone but yourself. That time of deep cogitation is time of growing, of building a free and own personality.

The interactive mural is an activity where any visitor of the exhibition can experiment what I feel in the process of producing these paintings. Even, if it is possible, lead them to the state I have when I achieve a full mental clarity of my place in the big human society; however I am not conscious anymore of the lines I am painting.

Better than try to explain it… Experiment Momentos (in)conscientes.

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