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Corban Renouf - Pear Shaped

Corban Renouf

I’m 39 years old. I’ve been drawing since I was about 5. I had always rendered my drawings in pencil or charcoal, I only started painting about 4 years ago. Originally I was always into Realism and it wasn’t until I started going to art exhibitions about 3 years ago that I started to stare away from that style.

Corban Renouf - KFC

Although I don’t like graffiti and defacing property I fell in love with the street art movement, especially Banksy. I found it an interesting way to convey an important message but also being able to paint something that someone could actually hang on their wall.

Corban Renouf - Mobile

These paintings that have been created is a dialogue that I want to share of humanity today. It is in its essence a dark side of where we are in this world. A world impressed by the media, and wealth lead by politics and large corporations selling us services we don’t need. Speculations of a better existence if your all wired up on the latest, greatest gadgets and trends.

The passion for and the admiration of oneself is increasing in its popularity, we are living in a self absorbed and indulgent society, there is no control of these human temperaments and rising selfishness. I have never painted dreams , I only paint reality. The reality is the disapproval ,the contempt for war,greed, poverty and capitalism. I worry for our human condition.

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