KhengWah Yong – Batik Painting by KhengWah

  • KhengWah Yong - Batik Painting

    KhengWah Yong

    Batik Art, a medium using wax dyeing on cloth has now been internationally acclaimed as a unique and new type of media. It has been regarded as the National Art of Malaysia.

    The Art of Batik Painting.

    The origin of Batik is by no means new. In fact, it is believed to have originated from India and introduced into China during the Tang Dynasty ( 618 -905 AD). There is yet another claim that it originated from Java, in a process which the Javanese used in making their colorful batik sarongs. It reached its highest form in Java, where the craft has been a cottage industry since the 7th century. Nevertheless all these theories are yet to be proven.

    KhengWah Yong - Waxing batik

    This age-old medium was introduced to the Malay Archipelago from Java and has been developed into fine art by Malaysian artists. While Batik art is mainly used for the manufacture of apparel in Indonesia, in Malaysia it is both used for materials and Batik paintings.

    The Art of Batik is a discipline and a form of therapy for me. With this technique I can create a forever- flowing movement of forms… continuous and harmonious… each different, each new. I want to create work that has no boundaries of space and time.

    I am searching for creative purpose, for direction to capture the momentum of this fast moving world and yet work with ancient earth bound materials of cotton, bees wax and natural dyes.

    …an Artist should be free to do what he does best … see, imagine, draw and interpret

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