MARIANA OROS – Original paintings oil on canvas, texture relief, modern art.



If I measure road / art project I can say that I was inspired art since I was a child, because the house everywhere was still arsenal to conceive art: brushes, patterns, colors, pencils, in a word “a home for artists “I participated involuntarily of course just washing brushes or cutting paper patterns to various art projects made by my father and my older sister Elena, also a painter, I’m the third daughter of five girls of the family.

Din colectia Nimphs - Forever young2 - MARIANA OROS

I could not tell how far I arrived till now, but I want to get as far as possible, I would like to have wings to reach infinity. Maybe even a quarter of the way is not browse because I need at least two life and ten hands to cover the whole thing.

Autobiografia2 - MARIANA OROS

Often when the imagination is positive and when that is accomplished, then came the problem, I realize that is not what I wanted to transpose the canvas, but returned to work several times until I am satisfied by me and then the viewer is safe and pleasantly surprised.

Sometimes I never end imagination, give free rein and and leave the brush in color clothes and help her to dance on canvas help that all twist and turn without realizing it until the end is surprising. Even if I have a concept completed can improve, but many times it happens to change the original idea completely to another trajectory.

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