David Gaither – A Comprehensive Collection Of Works

"The Mural of Maximalism (The Maximalism Revolution)" - David Gaither

David Gaither

"Starlight, Starbright" - David Gaither

David Gaither, a contemporary artist based in Atlanta, Georgia, has decided to compile a comprehensive set of works as an art book which is now available for purchase via Blurb. This book serves as a comprehensive study of David’s expansive, colorful and intricate paintings, from the motif-oriented murals to the ground-breaking works in his Maximalism movement.

The book allows viewers to examine the various series David has created, examining the distinct characteristics of each, as well as some of the common traits of his overall styles of art. Viewers can contact David directly to purchase his respective works. In addition, David’s new works in Maximalism have debuted at the ongoing “Twenty Thirteen” annual group exhibition at Blue Mark Gallery in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit his website.

"Maximal Resurgence - The Rise Of The Phoenix In The World Of Maximalism" - David Gaither

David has various shows and exhibition in the works, which will serve as a vehicle for his further explorations in Maximalism and other movements he plans to explore. As David continues to push the boundaries of modern art, he plans to release more products, which may appear in the form of books, videos or limited prints. Readers should stay tuned via his website for important announcements, as well as a constantly changing view of works.

Visit the website of David Gaither: http://www.david-gaither.com/

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