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recreating havoc - d.s. kinsel

d.s. kinsel

A self, taught left-handed artist, D.S. Kinsel’s work is a reflection of his race, culture, and generation. Kinsel has tried his hand at painting, installation art, window displays, and non linear performance art.

Angel - d.s. kinsel

He strives to encourage audiences to reevaluate their ideas of fine art. Numerous venues across Pittsburgh have welcomed his creativity. These spaces include Future Tenant, Shaw Galleries, ASSEMBLE and ImageBox and the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. Popular online artists’ blogs Hyperallergic Labs, 7 Shades of Black, and the Jenesis Magazine have helped spread his work to a larger audience.

Tree - d.s. kinsel

Kinsel was a recipient of the New Pittsburgh Courier “Fab 40” Award in 2012. Kinsel was recently recognized as a 2013 Pittsburgh Magazine 40 Under 40 honoree. A recipient of the Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh grant, Kinsel was the 2013 artist in residence at 720 Music, Clothing, and Cafe.

He strives to inspire new thought by sharing his views and interpretations of popular culture through creative expression. Kinsel aim is to “inspire new thought, overexpose audiences, attempt avant guard expression, paint, install, create experimental performance art, inspire, transport audiences, engage audiences, challenge audience, create beauty, push boundaries, and cause friction.”

Visit the website of d.s. kinsel: www.pittsburghartistregistry.org/accounts/view/avantguardian

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