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the saw that cut the world - Katie Rose Pipkin

Katie Rose Pipkin

There is an old theorem which asserts, logically, that somethingness cannot arise from nothingness. It follows (although not without some discomfort) that experience cannot arise from non-experience.

Sea Garden - Katie Rose Pipkin

We are fundamentally experiential beings, and so it seems that we must be made of experiential parts. This does appear to hold true as we learn about our inner workings; our organs that wear, neural pathways that learn, and cells that grow, then grow old. However, as we have looked further into ourselves and found fundamental particles (and their component parts), it seems as if they, somehow, escape the wear of time. After all, there is no new matter.

Dog Moon - Katie Rose Pipkin

But this assertion of radical experience paints a view of the world that must embrace impressions. That is, even if consciousness is a state of being reserved for life (and the living), we may suspect that the fundamental particles that make our reality cannot escape experiencing. Which is to say, they are not untouchable by time. For to be eternally unchanging (except perhaps in combination), would to be eternal. But even this fiercely mathematical matter does change. It drops a proton, becomes unstable, trades a quark with some unknown sister. Who are we to claim that there is nothing left of that missing positive charge? How could we be beings in time, while our bodies are made of eternity?

Nothing is invisible. Nothing is truly forgotten. Landscapes and whispers and supernovae and thoughts have all left their patterns. It is merely a matter of finding these cracks, holes, and alterations in course; casting their negative, finding their truth. I am interested in working along these fault lines.

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