Thomas Kast – Modern figurative art

Les Carnaval Des Animaux - Thomas Kast

Thomas Kast

I attempt to illustrate the condition of the present-day humanity in a form of a parable. Inspired by the hermetic art of the XV and XVI century, I employ metaphorical visual language, that is idiosyncratic of the world we live in. The purportedly allegorical scenes containing various ambiguous symbols serve as means of interpretation of an ongoing conflict between the individual and the contemporary environment.

Stellar Parallax - Thomas Kast

As a rule, I avoid implementing perspicuous elements recurrent in the latter-day culture. Being in favor of a more personal – poetic-like form of expression, I steer clear of incorporating anything instantly recognisable, weather it’s objects or persons. That is to say, I furnish the viewer with just enough to encourage speculation, no less and no more. Ultimately, my paintings are skewed mirrors of reality, where everything is possible and going in each direction will take one to a completely different destination.

Les Carnaval Des Animaux - Thomas Kast

The typography, numbers and other graphic elements used throughout my work aren’t mere ornaments. They are meant to draw attention to a specific detail, to augment the significance of a particular scene and put a rush interpretation back into question.

A great admirer of the old Dutch and Flemish masters, German Expressionists and Pop Art, I prefer figurative painting as a creative medium, which I find more appealing and humane than non-pictorial creations – often dangerously impersonal and erratic.

I’m of the opinion, the viewer coming to the gallery has no less expectation of a sanctity than visiting a place of cult. It is this very sensation I try to deliver – the pervading sense of enigma, the existence of an alternative continuance, out of reach and out of control.

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