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Good Friday - Nicholas Coroneos

Nicholas Coroneos

“In my current work, personal and societally challenging issues are brought to new light by creating a visual play on words. Inspired by the neo-dada movement and peppered with off-beat humor, the pieces range from light-hearted prodding to socially shocking. My intent is that each piece becomes a character who challenges ideas and pre-conceptions, enticing dialogues within and between viewers.” Quote, Nicholas Coroneos

No Sale - Nicholas Coroneos

Nicholas Coroneos was born in Frankfurt, Germany and came to the United States at an early age. With a talent for technical drawing and sculpting, he worked as a draftsman for an engineering firm, pursuing an education in art and art history on the side. In his late 20’s he decided to dedicate himself to art, working both 2-and 3-dimensionally. Within three years he had filled his central California studio with over 200 paintings, in the process discovering his unique style of textural impressionism.

Never Mind - Nicholas Coroneos

Beckoned by a desire to push himself professionally and personally, he spent several years developing his artistic, carpentry, and design skills in the mid-West, subtropics, and Pacific Northwest. In August 2009, he moved to Santa Barbara where he reinvigorated his sculpting and began to specialize in bronze casting. Within five years, he has produced a prolific and exciting body of work in bronze and stone.

He has displayed his work in several galleries and art venues.

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