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Human Torch - Timo Rehpenning

Timo Rehpenning

Timo Rehpenning is a autodidact photographer and engaged in photography since 2011. Due his lack of time during daytime, resulting from his Job and Family he got interested to Nightphotography in 2013, he soon stumbled over Lightart performance Photography and got quickly addicted to this kind of Art.

Visitor - Timo Rehpenning

What makes this art form special is the fact, that the pictures are made only in one longtime exposure. Everything visible in the picture was done in one shot, nothing gets added with layer-work with whatsoever image editing software.

Photon Flowers - Timo Rehpenning

Even simple looking pictures can take several days of planing and organization. From location scouting, the request for permission, to the actual shooting which can take several attempts before the picture is taken properly and like it was planned. Quite often it happens that the result from shooting the whole night is one Picture.

The difference between lightpainting and lightart performance photography is that the whole environment is important and gets integrated, depending on what kind of mood is requested, with colored or just plain neutral light.

Visit the website of Timo Rehpenning: http://www.tr-photography.net/

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