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Mood at Sunset - Lynne Cunningham

Lynne Cunningham

I paint the expression of a place; I try to identify and understand what I want to say in my paintings, and then I begin and paint that expression. My abstracts are rooted in my career as a design professional. I paint subjects most intimate and familiar to me: cityscapes, landscapes, or subjects derived from nature. Other paintings begin by painting from imagination, memory, or a glimpse of something that becomes the concept or idea for a painting. I’ve shown in more than 40 juried solo, group and museum shows in northern California and the western U.S.

Port of Oakland - Lynne Cunningham

Currently, in August of 2014, I can now add author to my resume. In 2013 I received a grant from the California Arts Council, which partially funded the development and printing for my painting instruction book, “Nature in the Abstract”.

Book: "Nature in the Abstract" - Lynne Cunningham

The guidebook contains step-by-step instructions for painting abstracts in acrylic and mixed media, inspired by the forms and patterns from nature. This is an engaging and fun book for reading and reference, with easy to follow processes. I have been painting in acrylic for 10 years and received a Signature Artist status with the International Society of Acrylic Painters recently.

In the book are chapters on techniques, acrylic paints, color and design, pattern and design, finding inspiration, and is loaded throughout with tips. Insightful guidance on artistic growth is provided. On heavy paper, the bound book of 65 pages is printed with more than 100 high resolution images.

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