Philip Michael Wolfson – Dynamic motion and fluid forms

Tsukumogami PORTRAIT - philip michael wolfson

Philip Michael Wolfson

The basis of my work is with re-examining the forms and ideas of the early 20th century Modernist movements, particularly Constructivism and Futurism. Theoretical elements of the Concrete Poetry movement also serve as inspiration.

Tsukumogami London Series 2 - Sheeps/Rams - philip michael wolfson Image

My approach to functional sculpture, design and art is informed by the dynamics of fracture and fragmentation – layering and manipulating materials into fluid shapes and forms, where the movement of light, shadow and reflection are an integral part of the seduction of the work. The forms, at certain times take on anthropomorphic characteristics, generating an energetic movement like an impassioned orchestral conductor, as with the family of Tsukumogami sculptures.

Tsukumogami FLOWERS - philip michael wolfson

The use of noble materials such as various woods, glass, metals and stones, as well as new materials, such as carbon fiber, resins, and synthetic concretes brings a dynamic and contemporary interpretation to the stories being told.

Many of the works are now being commissioned and realized for use in the public realm, as sculptures, and as interactive functional art. Most notably are the SoundForm ROBERT for the restaurant at the Museum of Art & Design in NYC, as well as SoundForm FLUID, and Liquid Genesis, both commissioned as focal points of the PR campaign for LVMH Glenmorangie in the Far East. Additionally, there are proposals for outdoor sculptures being carried out internationally.

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