Adriana Vignere – Conceptually-surreal contemporary painting

"A one glass with water", oil on canvas, 128x130cm, 2012-13. - Adriana Vignere

Adriana Vignere

I’m a painter. Born in 1986 in Riga. I live and work in Riga, Latvia. Painting is the language of my look, feels and thoughts, where colors are my passion.

I’m inspired by the belief and the good philosophy, the nature and the modern architecture, the people and the history, the great art and the music, especially the opera, the ballet, the theater and the literature.

"The view of the horizon", oil on canvas, 176x250cm, 2012. - Adriana Vignere

The way I creatively think and work is conceptually surreal. I think that the reality isn’t only what is in look, it is made by transcendental, unworldly – by all what are invisible, but are perceptible and so, for me it’s a great space for painting! I create composition of each painting like a philosophical rebus, where painted becomes a visual sign, readable or available to everybody, open for individual interpretation. Also I like to make performances as theatrical emphasis of my painted stories.

"Is infinity?", oil on canvas, 124x176cm, 2012. - Adriana Vignere

My first art education was at the Janis Rozentals Riga Secondary Art School 1998-2006.

Professional art education at the Art Academy of Latvia, Painting Department, Figural Painting Masterclass of Prof. Kristaps Zarins: BA Degree in Visual Art – Painting 2006-2010, MA Degree in Visual Art – Painting 2010-2012.
Participate more than 30 exhibitions in Riga, Latvia and also in Brussels, London, Edinburgh, Moscow, Ribnik.
Paintings in private collections in Europe, Russia and elsewhere.

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