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Roger Leege

Roger Leege earned a BA in Art/Education in 1971 at Goddard College and an MA in Visual Arts/Photography from Goddard in 1975, followed by post-graduate work in Industrial Technology at Central Connecticut State University and in Computer Science at the University of Hartford.

Roger Leege - Nassau Girls

As an artist, educator, and administrator, he has worked at the intersection of Art and Technology throughout his career and has taught scholastic, college, and adult-level Visual Arts, Industrial Technology, Photography, Serigraphy, Videography, Desktop Publishing, and Web Programming, as well as Computer Science, Technical Drawing, and Engineering Design.

Roger Leege - The Last Big O

In his art practice, Leege selects and combines elements from the natural, cultural, and built environments, to make images, regardless of subject, that “disturb the peace”; that is, images that suggest meaning beyond the literal and that produce an emotional and intellectual response in viewers.

He takes a painterly approach to photography, focusing on formal craftsmanship, and adhering to standards of design, history, and philosophy that apply to all other 2D fine art. Leege believes that, in the best images, there is a coherent, surprising, and intensifying mixture of “speech” (the formal elements of the constructed image) and “story” (the revelation of creative meaning).

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