Andrew Fish – Colorful figurative paintings

Troy - Andrew Fish

Andrew Fish

My work examines human expression and the meaning of image creation in contemporary life. The Information Age has inundated us with imagery like no other time in history. Through digital technology and social networking, we are exposed to an endless stream of raw, manipulated, and enhanced images that are widely shared and replicated. My work seeks the meaning and relevance of painting in this era.

Meeting The Shadow #5 - Andrew Fish

My paintings often depict figures whose shadows or gestures become continuations or extensions in space of themselves — visual representations of the psychological and emotional content that we unwittingly expose in the digital age.

Headstand - Andrew Fish

As a painter in an Instagram world, I react to the ephemeral nature of digital photography by celebrating its popular motifs while also rejecting its immediacy. I seek a painterly aesthetic but mimic photographic visual language through calligraphic mark making. The images in my paintings can resemble their spontaneous digital counterparts, yet a process of longer meditation and traditional materiality yields a distinct atmosphere and rendering of the figure. The end result is a physical object that ideally provokes contemplation of the act of making and sharing imagery, and of our relationship to physical and virtual space.

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