Zarko Baseski – Contemporary realistic sculpture

David - Zarko Baseski

Zarko Baseski

“Behind the Look” is multilayered and manifold. The three realistic sculptures of David, Ezekiel and Thomas, less than life size, are minutely crafted, with emphasized interest in the emotional expression of the characters; insisting on photographic verisimilitude and precision in the presentation of details. The sculptures are made of fiberglass, silica, acrylic, natural hairs and textile.

Thomas - Zarko Baseski

Baseski varies the subject of exchanging views, the power of look, the wish and “appetite of the eye” (Lacan), in three supposed situations: the victorious look (David), submissive look (Ezekiel) and suspicious look (Thomas).

The historical travesty (the figures of David, Ezekiel and Thomas dressed in modern costumes) reveals a modern drama. The three sculptures denote three possible states or three possible situations in which a man finds himself today.

Ezekiel - Zarko Baseski

Baseski’s three super-real sculptures oppose the idea of sculpture as an art of the tactile and haptic. Sculptures are there to be seen. The seeing or looking (le regard), the power of the look, jouissance (the pleasure of the sense) of the desire, the process of signification, perception and apperception of phenomena, the representation of reality, as well as the power of the illusion are modern issues that are raised today because of the complex social and cultural changes created under the influence of virtual technologies, zapping and perceptron, mediatization and manipulation of society, as well as instrumentalization of the consciousness and simulation. Spectacularized reality is based on mediated images that are so dominant that completely shape our reality. The base of this spectacularized reality is simulation that works as reality that is growing distant from its mimetic base.

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