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The wrong turn - Jorge Mansilla

Jorge Mansilla

Born in 1979 in Mexico, Jorge Mansilla has lived in the U.S.A., Spain and now in Australia.

Being exposed to technology in an exponential manner allowed him to witness the drastic alteration of our lifestyles and the sudden rise of our new cyber worlds and identities.

We look the way we feel - Jorge Mansilla

Jorge Mansilla has been producing art since 1999: exploring various themes such as sexuality, spirituality, our relationship with nature and death.

All this time the aim has been to display sensorial matters, a gut feeling, or the way the human race feels at the dawn of a new century. For that reason he believes collages function as a true carrier of these matters, the medium itself represents a clash, a juxtaposition.

He has been producing collages on paper for various reasons: paper represents ancient cultures and for centuries now the triumph of our civilization, it is also a practical and simple material that enables the creation of images whilst more importantly consolidating time and space as a unique physical document.

The smell of executive socks - Jorge Mansilla

He collects and recycles materials because these practices speak about the saturation and overconsumption representative of our times, all this paper and plastic will then shape figures and images that attempt to materialise this overload, the homogenisation and convergence of world trends and the complexity of our emerging status as internet mutants.

Most recent works of Jorge Mansilla are sculptures made from recycled plastic and are inspired by everyday people; the next step is to giving the sculptures mechanised, robotic skeletons.

He is also an experienced Art Director and currently collaborating on a video art project with Sissy Reyes.

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