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Toos van Holstein - Adagio

Toos van Holstein

I studied arts and art history at the Academy in Tilburg. In the Netherlands I am a renowned artist showing my oil paintings and bronzes on a regular base in galleries all over the country.

Toos van Holstein - Riflettere

I also had shows in Belgium, France, Italy, UK and the USA. In the Netherlands I have been nominated several times for the election of Dutch Artist of the Year.

Toos van Holstein - Contented

In her paintings, the wall of a building is suggested by many layers of paint built up from several colours, which in itself forms an abstract painting. But there are always people present, with some expression of human culture.

Her world is a real monde interieur, an entirely unique world where elements of old and new cultures from all over the world are melted together.

Her motto is ‘for me art is travelling the mind’.

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