V.V. Swamy – Figurative, semi-abstract, colorful

FISHER WOMEN - v.v. Swamy

V.V. SWAMY – Artist from India

Born in a tiny village of Andhra Pradesh, India; Sri V.V.Swamy (presently lives and works in Hyderabad) composes visual effects in his paintings using oil/acrylic colors in an unique way. Color and texture explode on the canvas, while compositions bring rhythm and balance. What makes his works so captivating is, the way Sri Swamy merges the realms of the representational creating images shimmering with life. Thereby, results are stunning and forceful images emerge that speak out the innermost depth, conveying a message of energy and of hope.


With the proliferation of Information Technology, the Universe has become a Global Village. Either in urban or rural areas, Information communication technologies such as Internet, Cell Phones, I-Pods, Computers etc. are dominating the scene. Today, more than 80% of the population world over in both rural and urban areas are using smart Cell Phones for faster communication. Capturing the technology transformation, Sri V.V. Swamy has depicted the electronic communication strategies in a series of recent paintings.

FARMER - v.v. Swamy

For Swamy, the canvas is a space of free expression, where colors, shapes and texture merges giving birth to recognizable forms situated in pictorial compositions. This allows viewers to relate to the facial forms no matter of their background. The figures all but fill the picture planes, and close-ups of faces allow the audience the opportunity to access facial expressions and feel the tension or quiet comfort that exists within them at any given moment. Sri Swamy creates powerful human forms that give life to a myriad of aspects of the human condition. His paintings reflects the human emotions that cross all boundaries and identities, including sorrow, grief, pain and suffering, but also love and a desire for peace.

In his artistic statement, Sri Swamy maintains “Painting, is my view, is an evocative expression of the inner vision of an Artist influenced by the environment. When the creative bug bites, it awakes the inner urge which never allows me to be complacent. Unknown frontiers of form, color and line emerge giving the painting a unique from”.

Learn more about v.v. Swamy: http://www.vvswamyarts.com

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