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Feel pure - Nora


I specialize in portrait photography. Understanding “Portrait” as the whole range of human emotions and expressions. It’s about the delicate art to capture photographically the character and individuality of a person.

That’s why portrait photography is exciting for me. I let all my creativity in my shots and enjoy my work tremendously.

Expression and Silence - Nora

I feel a constant urge to be creative. It is more as like a mode of expression, rather than a passion or a simple job. It is the addiction to creativity: a constant stream of ideas in my mind and the need to put these ideas into practice.The essence lies for me in the person and the creative process.

Through me - Nora

My work: It is difficult to transform feelings, thoughts and words into images. My photos show what moves me or touched me deeply. Their are a desire to the past and my way back in this time for a moment. My works are a small indication of how I see myself, the world around me and where my imagination takes me. It is difficult to find a framework that can express the personal, without to told too much of me. Words, texts or quotes describe what I mean with the intention that the viewer can invent their own story. I think you can empathize with my pictures, because my shots are neither ironic nor highly complex compounds. Each image illustrates a theme and sometimes direct and indirect and simple and leaves room for interpretation.

That is exactly what is important to me and what is the central concern of my work. The sensitivity, improvisation, the soul in the image, charisma and character of the people portrayed and a important part of my personality.

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