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Blu Days Jazz Nights - Lieutenant NoralsIV

Lieutenant NoralsIV

So what is Blu Tint Photography?

I am a graduate of a Harrington College of Design who owns a small Chicago Based Commercial Photography company, specializing in one on one professional photography services. As an independent professional photographer, my work has been on display in museums, the Chicago ETA gallery,Barber’s gallery, a few magazines, blogs and websites.

Blurred Nights Street Lights - Lieutenant NoralsIV

Fortunately these opportunities helped me to be well versed in the usage of multimedia ad platforms, which is useful when brainstorming ideas of how to best represent your brand with my commercial photography.

Artistography is shooting to capture timeless photography.

Hair of the White Rabbit - Lieutenant NoralsIV

To capture timeless images that can make the transition from a museum to a product billboard into an art gallery or office waiting room while still retaining their artistic integrity. Whether I’m capturing product images for a company, architectural work for a business, library images to tell the story of a (NFP) or look book and headshot imagery for models and fashion designers alike. I am a dad, artist and entrepreneur who has great ambitions to show others life through the eyes of a hopefully, future internationally well-known photographer. To have the world join me on my visual journeys, while changing ones outlook on the way they view the book cover of life is my goal. I am Lieutenant Norals IV, my captures are known simply as Artistography.

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