Manuel Süess – Abstract, Emotional Art

Manuel Süess - Painting No. 476 Kuhmist

Manuel Süess

Manuel Süess, born in Lucerne 1981, attended the local gymnasium of his home town. Since childhood he was fascinated by art and full of creative ideas.

Manuel Süess - Painting No. 477 Licht im Dunkel

Since 2008 he intensively followed steps to reach a higher level in arts. In summer 2010 Swiss media wrote for the first time about his work. Group shows in Switzerland and Germany followed in 2011 as well as his permanent exhibitions in show-windows in Basel and 2012 in Zug.

The artist has been represented through “The gallery Steiner art & wine” since 2010. The gallery showed his work at the Shanghai art fair 2011 (15th) as well as in their branch in Shanghai in 2011 and in a personal exhibition “Emotions” in Vienna in January 2012.

Manuel Süess - Painting No. 486 Anspannung

Manuel Süess lives and works in Switzerland. He is a professional artist.

Manuel Süess‘ sources of inspiration can both be internal like emotions and dreams as well as the external environment like experiences, anecdotes and the nature. He describes his work as abstract, emotional art.

Currently he works most with acrylics and paints with brushes, sponges and palette-knifes. His focus is on strong, expressive and sometimes metallic colours. Sometimes he works also with charcoal. 2012 he expanded his fields of work with encaustic and linocut.

He likes to work on wood as each piece of wood has its own story, life and presence. Lumber like spruce and bamboo are his favourites.

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