Anne Cecile Surga – Sculpture; Surrealism; Figurative; Neo-Expressionism

Untitled - anne cecile surga

Anne Cecile Surga

The Fall in Love - anne cecile surga

Through my art practice, I aim at exploring the intrinsic values of being a human being. I am extremely interested in the question of the definition of the self and how much the social context in which we evolve is responsible in shaping our own image. As a woman artist, I am slightly more focus on the definition of identity for women. The current consumption society sends out tones of messages to every human, thus influencing how we see ourselves and how we want to define ourselves.

Hello My Name is Stupid - anne cecile surga

I believe there is a psychological triangle between who we really are, what society tells us to be, and the image of ourselves we decide to project onto society. The realization of the self is often placed as the ultimate goal or success in life, and I am exploring whether or not this can be tangible knowing that we are not 100% in control of who we are. I like to create different levels of interpretation in my works, thus giving keys to the viewer about the subject I address without offering one unique interpretation of the artwork. Each artwork becomes public as soon as if it offered to the viewer eyes, and I let it to the viewer to construct his or her own understanding of what is in front of him.

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