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Broadway and 5th - Stefan Bleekrode

Spaccanapoli - Stefan Bleekrode

Stefan Bleekrode

Architecture, urban planning, the city as a whole fascinates me.

Fascination is the key motivation behind my work. When I find an idea I will put as many impressions possible in it to recreate everything I love about a specific city. For instance the New York drawings always demonstrate an emphasis on strong light dark contrasts, as a response to the strong sunlight and abstract shadows the skyscrapers create.

On the other hand an Italian cityscape will see a strong focus on architectural details in order recreate as authentically as possible the rich architectural heritage found in Italy.

Sometimes I will also combine several cities in one, as you can see in metropolis, elements from New York, Paris and Londen sit next to each other creating an metropolis that could have existed somewhere in between the three.

Usually it takes from one week for a small drawing up to half a year for a large one and almost everything is drawn from memory.

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