Zedekiah Schild – Primitivist,Naivist,Neo-expressionism

"Modern Medecine", 48x67, oil on canvas, zedekiah schild, 2014

Zedekiah Schild

Embracing informality of line and direct simplicity, the accidental gesture is ever-present in his work. Often described as “naivist” or “primitivist”, Schild’s paintings are characterized by symbols and methods hewn from personal experience, and the pursuit of an instinctual process. Primarily working with oil, some of his works incorporate collage or linoleum blocks, which create a sense of rhythm and repetition.

Before the Fall" 30x40, oil on canvas, Zedekiah Schild,2015

Z. Schild began exhibiting his work on the streets of Oakland, California in 2009, and continues to be a regular exhibitor at events such as Oakland, California’s Art Murmur, San Francisco’s Art Walks, and Portland, Oregon’s Last Thursday. His first solo exhibition was in Portland, Oregon in 2013.

: "La Pieta Re-Dux", 30x40, oil on canvas, Zedekiah Schild, 2015

On the streets of San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, Oakland, California and at community events or in “guerilla” art exhibits, Zedekiah Schild can be found exuberantly showings his works and engaging with the underground arts community. His work has shown in both traditional and non-traditional contexts throughout the Western United States. Endeavoring to share his work with people from all walks of life, he make conscious effort to maintain a presence outside of the established art world while simultaneously seeking an audience within the traditional art paradigm.

Zedekiah was chosen as a Polymer Institute Fellow and will exhibit in Tallinn, Estonia in the winter of 2015, and is an Artist Candidate for Bushwick International, and will be exhibiting a solo show of new work in Portland, Oregon.

Born in Eugene, Or. , Zedekiah currently lives and works between Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California

Learn more about Zedekiah Schild: http://jumpingfiremouse.wix.com/zedekiahschild

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