Joshua Quinlon – Surreal, bizarre, post apocalypse

"Overheads" 31x50cm. - Joshua Quinlon

Joshua Quinlon

I’m Joshua Quinlon, I’ma Surreal Collage Artist, Playwright, Experimental Producer from Brooklyn, New York. I started to write massive, very descriptive stories at the start of 7th Grade and I was always intrigued with the idea of expanding the mind & making the four corners of where art & surrealism to be more bizarre & double thinking, I love to keep the audience confused, dumb founded, very far off.

external saloon :: 30x50 cm. - Joshua Quinlon

I started to collage in 2013 from my vast tumblr surfing & also from stories I posted on my facebook & Tumblr, also in my school composition, I’d have the longest dreams in such a matter of seconds, I hear voices in my head, they echoe from ear to ear, they stalk me, and take over my skeleton, like a ventriloquist and his puppet.

:: master+ of [jarui] :: revolutionary 30x50 cm. - Joshua Quinlon

My inspirations are, Dr. Seuss, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Daisuke Tanabe, plus, I’m in love to expose the unseen to the reality, and the reality to the unseen, I have this plan to expose as much that isn’t being seen.

Just pieces & pieces of scrap from the cliche, this is why I collage & I write stories, I love to expose the unseen from reality, or just be simply spontaneous or mysterious, I love to be multiple characters while simultaneously being the narrative, having cliffhangers, and being me, with digital collaging, I can piece events into one & make the unseen more clear to the blinded eye.

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