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"Voimanainen" - Sanna Maria Paananen

Sanna Maria Paananen

Sanna Maria Paananen is a 26-year-old artist from Finland. Her artworks exhibit modern day allegorical figures, usually dealing with themes like being an artist, self-identity, being female and how to view femininity. Important stylistic choices in her works are the theatrical bluish-tinted limited palette and how the figures never fully engage the viewer, which represents the painter’s introverted personality.

Shadow Bearer II (collaboration with Tero Ulvila) - Sanna Maria Paananen

Paananen’s paintings are mainly done in oil paint using just three colors – a viridian green, alizarin crimson red, and white. To create contrasts in this otherwise subdued and minimalist manner of painting she mixes in other types of paint and collage materials such as newspaper. The collage materials are used as if paint: manipulated in different ways to have gradations from light to dark when needed. The end result is a combination of the Finnish and Russian art education the artist has received. Something new, something old, creating a personal way of working.

What You Wanted (Judith and Salome) - Sanna Maria Paananen

Paananen also works in collaboration with the painter Tero Ulvila. Ulvila works in an abstract manner, utilizing vivid colors and broad brush strokes, aiming for a highly painterly look. The contrasts of these two artists are apparent, but that is what makes for an interesting result when they work together. The collaboration pieces showcase what both artists do best – which then results in a style that is representative of both while at the same time being something unique.

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