Barbara Ash – Sculptor

Barbara Ash - Bird-doll

Barbara Ash

I’m a sculptor based in Bangalore, India and Bristol, U.K. I make large other-worldly doll sculptures on themes of popular culture and conditioning.

Barbara Ash - Siren-doll and Posturing doll (work in progress)

“The element of naivety in Barbara’s aesthetic belongs to toys, simple utilitarian things or decorations and a dose of kitsch. The humor in it oscillates between irony, sadness and warm lyricism, while rough finish complements playful lightness…An important layer there was the sculptors contrasting and reconciling of Western and Indian perceptions, issues, values and sensations.” (Quote, Marta Jakimowicz on “Dance footloose on the earth” in the Deccan Herald, India)

Barbara Ash - Soft power

For the past 5 years Barbara Ash has been based in Bangalore, India, where she has shown extensively, and U.K. Her installations, sculptures and drawings have been widely presented in solo and curated group exhibitions around the world.

Barbara was awarded the One Year Henry Moore Fellowship, 1992, and completed her Masters in sculpture at the Royal College of Art, 1995. She has received various awards; including two artists’ grants from the Arts Council of Britain; the Year of the Artists Award, 2005, and a bursary for the India-UK touring show “Dolls”, 2011. She is currently working in Bangalore on large-scale fibre-glass works for an installation “Soft Power”, 2013.

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