Shay Motion – Art Documentary Film featuring Alex and Allyson Grey, Myztico Campo, John Shook and musician Tyler Yheti

Alex Grey and his artwork - Shay Motion

Shay Motion

Shay Motion is a filmmaker and visual artist based in NY, focusing on producing creative content for entertainment and inspirational purposes.

Most recently, Shay filmed a short documentary about his experiences at Alex Grey’s CoSM, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. While in his own journey in identifying his artistry, he is inspired by CoSM to continue his work in art.

Produced by The Art Kartel, this film features artists Alex and Allyson Grey, Myztico Campo, John Shook and musician Tyler Yheti.

Journey Inside Alex Gey's CoSM - Shay Motion

“A sacred place for artists to inspire and co-create. CoSM, the home of visionary artists Alex & Allyson Grey in upstate New York; is a retreat for high-spirited beings to explore themselves and others in an artistic and spiritual vibe. The land is home to many pieces of art from different artists who have collaborated to co-create the space. See through the eyes of filmmaker, Shay Motion as his journey through the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors led him to feel inspired, while in his own journey to identify his film artistry, he documents his experience in this short film.”

Cosmic Christ by Alex Grey - Shay Motion

CoSM is currently in the process of building Entheon, which is a chapel that will house Alex Grey’s sacred mirrors. Upon completion of the 3D printed building, the chapel will be a sacred space for all artists to journey to and hone their artistry. Artwork from Chris Dyer can be viewed in this film. Appearances by artists Myztico Campo, John Shook, Alex & Allyson Grey, Jerry Walsh, and Tyler Yheti.

Thanks to all the artists who participated.

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