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Jeane Seah

I am Eurasian of English, Portuguese and Chinese heritage, born in Singapore and living for a long time in Europe. I love the history of this corner of the earth, and seasons although I spent most of my young life on a beach and even growing up on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.

For the first three quarters of my life span, I continually followed courses to broaden my mind and expressive qualities. From etiquettes to modeling, air-ticketing to sculpture, secretarial courses to dancing, life was one big discovery…

Jeane Seah - Dance of the Revolution of China

It is a chore filling in what I really do, all of life is art to me because everything persists as a form. This combination in an applied material, elements representing an artist’s mind are the signature of one’s being. It is the mark we leave behind when we leave this earth, an expression that remains forever…

Jeane Seah - Citrine Drops, Sterling Silver, gilded and Citrine

I used to carve little items in soap when I was a child never realizing that it was a calling. I experimented in so many materials and techniques in my later life that sometimes, I get confused but they all seem so relevant. My closest experiences with art is working with organic materials. When I worked with stoneware I began to recognize the relationship between clay and its latter brother, stone. And that millions of years turned once living creatures into fossils, and that the DNA of a mosquito could be embedded into amber and carrying forth the presence of a extinct species. This very miracle giving the stone a mission in the transcendence of time and making it an interesting and very valid issue in the essence to our being.

I started to also then learn silver smithing to compliment my inquest into the elements. My jewelry are statements of time, suggesting the perfection of organic synthesis. The use of fossils, teeth, bone and natural stones only enforce the grace of nature.

Alas I had to also turn to photography to highlight the best sides of these works and all that I see and experience in my world. I realize unendingly that all of life collaborates and makes the ultimate braid of being…

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