Mark Yale Harris – Figurative bronze and stone sculptures

  • hard winter dt-6 patina2 - Mark Yale Harris

    Mark Yale Harris

    Mark Yale Harris was born in Buffalo, New York and spent hours as a child in his own artistic world. He was honored with awards and scholarships for his art, but was encouraged to pursue a more conventional career. As such, he received a B.S.S. in 1961 from Ohio State University, and embarked upon a successful career in real estate and hotel development.

    pecosred - Mark Yale Harris

    Never abandoning his first love, he sold his company in 1996 to fulfill his dream of creating art full-time. Although he had over a half-century of life experience, Harris was a novice at his craft. He turned to an artist whose work he had admired, Bill Prokopiof. Sculptor Allan Houser, Prokopiof and sculptor Doug Hyde, took Harris under their wings, generously sharing their knowledge and artistic skill.

    visionsfromlajitas - Mark Yale Harris

    Today, Harris’s sculpture has been included in 80+ solo, museum and international exhibitions out of the 250+exhibitions outlined on his resume. 100+ publications have featured his sculpture (books, magazines, newspapers) in the past 10 years. Three books have been published dedicated entirely to the important works created thus far in Harris’s career.

    Permanent public collections, include: Hilton Hotels; Booth Western Art Museum – Cartersville, GA; Herman Memorial Hospital – Houston, TX; State of New Mexico; Four Seasons Hotel – Chicago, IL; and City of Roanoke, Virginia. Exhibitions include: Royal Academy of Art – London, UK; Marin MOCA, Marin, CA; Open Air Museum – Ube, Japan; Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art – Biloxi, MS, and the Polk Museum of Art – Lakeland, FL.

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