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Geodesecic - Joe Hedges

Joe Hedges

“In the paintings, digital prints, and sculptures by Joe Hedges, we see the hybridization of natural and technological objects, united and interacting in often humorous, often contemplative ways. Hedges’ works ask us to examine our embedded relationship with nature and how–but more importantly why–we meddle.” – A. Fortes

Testing - Joe Hedges

Joe Hedges is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in eastern Washington/western Idaho. Hedges paintings, digital prints, videos and internet art projects explore the links between science and art through the visual language of the experiment and the archive. With a reverence for art history, and an enthusiastic interest in the effects of digital technologies on human experience, Hedges’ work melds vocabularies and media in a contemporary fashion.

As an educator Hedges works at Washington State University coordinating the painting program as Assistant Professor of Painting/Intermedia, looking at painting as a form of media technology and exploring ways painting can interface with other disciplines and media.

Abquarium - Joe Hedges

As a curator Hedges has worked with collective Near*By to stage ephemeral and interdisciplinary exhibitions that connect artists and pluralistic audiences, as well as running Boom Gallery, an experimental project space in Cincinnati.

Hedges holds a BFA with an emphasis in painting from Northern Kentucky University and an MFA from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP– College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning.

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