Ansel Oommen – At the Corner of Science Street and Art Avenue

by Ansel Oommen

Ansel Oommen
For me, art is an extension of curiosity.

Ansel Oommen is a freelance writer, journalist, and citizen scientist with a B.S. in Toxicology whose work has been published in over 15 countries in magazines such as Pacific Horticulture, Entomology Today, Yale Scientific, and Well Being Journal. With a strong background in both the natural and health sciences, he has worked in a variety of settings including private medical practice, psychiatric hospital, city park, botanical garden, and environmental lab.

by Ansel Oommen

As a result, his work is directed by scientific inquiry, often merging a variety of disciplines such as entomology, horticulture, and chemistry with aesthetic design. The process of immortalization is a driving factor- by reviving the ephemeral, by observing an obscure art form or preserving an organism and transmuting its narrative, the artist and scientist become one, in essence acting like a fungus decomposing organic substrate, simultaneously nourishing itself while creating new enzymatic byproducts.

by Ansel Oommen

In the past, he has explored diaphonization (clearing and staining), a laboratory technique that renders animal specimens transparent through the digestive enzyme trypsin while highlighting their internal structure through bone and cartilage stains.

He has also experimented with cyanotypes, tree shaping, and insect taxidermy. Future projects of interest include anthotypes, bottle gourd pyrography, and working with cement as a horticultural medium.

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