Mithu Biswas – “CHASING THE TIME” A series of Paintings on Horse

Mithu Biswas

Mithu Biswas

Mithu Biswas

“Chasing The Time” a series of painting on horse by Mithu Biswas. In those days, Mithu was very young. Her parent always said that “don’t waste TIME”. But, she couldn’t understand the meaning of that. She wanted to be like, what she was, even she usually did, what she liked to do more of… Now, she realized that the importance of the TIME in our life…

One of the most upcoming Indian contemporary artist, MITHU BISWAS is a journey of around 9 years of modern contemporary art. She is working for an unusual idea & concept in her painting. Born in Kolkata in the state of West Bengal, India in 1979, she was fond of art since her early days. She did her graduation in Fine Art from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata in 2004. In 2009 she came in Maharastra, and permanently setup a studio in Mumbai.

Chasing the Time 07 - Mithu Biswas

Chasing the Time 07 – Mithu Biswas

The TIME can’t wait for you… It’s always changing the law of universe…

In her paintings Mithu wanted to represent the value of TIME in our life… That’s the way, she came up with the series of canvas “CHASING THE TIME”… In this context, Mithu funded the HORSE was always used as a symbol to chasing the TIME. Here in her canvas, she tried to build the relations between HORSE & TIME… The habit is, we always try to stop the TIME, but we can’t, even we never ever will do that… The TIME takes extremely important role in our life. In every moment the time interacts with us. It’s a journey of your life and our life. Mithu has been painting because she believes THE TIME, and it based on the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. Which are showing the different perspective in our life cycle… THE TIME NEVER STOPS… happily accept… THE TIME WILL REWARD YOU IN TIME… wait for it…

Chasing the Time 05 - Mithu Biswas

Chasing the Time 05 – Mithu Biswas

When Mithu was in college, Mithu had started a group exhibition at Kolkata in 1998, and few years later at the various shows around the India. Mithu always got appreciated for her versatility skills from Middle East countries… In 2014, she had couple of sponsor group show in nationally and internationally… Mithu Biswas is not as like renowned contemporary artist in India, still a fact now acknowledged by the market, many art curator and private art collector slowly collect her paintings.

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