Yotam Zohar – The Underground Series

Outlier - Yotam Zohar

Outlier – Yotam Zohar

Yotam Zohar

For me, art is an infinite number of mirrors competing to reflect the truest image.

The Underground Series comprises a growing body of paintings that depict underground train passengers. The paintings are based on covertly shot digital photographs. In addition to being finely crafted works of figurative art they are meant to provoke thought and conversation about individuality within cosmopolitan infrastructure and the permeability of the line between the public and the private.

Scrutiny - Yotam Zohar

Scrutiny – Yotam Zohar

The work originated out of a pre-existing fascination with portraiture and candid observation, but as its components aggregate in larger quantities the project comes to embody a broader concept: a study of the phenomenological relationship of the human being to its spatial environment.

God's Army Is No Place For Lonely Soldiers - Yotam Zohar

God’s Army Is No Place For Lonely Soldiers – Yotam Zohar

The project is so far divided into two basic groups: paintings of a uniform 50.8 cm by 40.64 cm format that depict figures and scenes that were photographed inside the train cars, and paintings in other dimensions that depict figures and scenes outside the cars, elsewhere within the underground transport system. The existing works depict scenes within the New York City transit (MTA “subway”) but as the project is officially ongoing, further iterations may focus on other cities. Some source images have already been collected in Boston, London, and Paris. The New York iteration of The Underground Series has been exhibited internationally, in both solo exhibitions and individual paintings presented as part of group shows, to much critical acclaim.


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