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    Art By Lisabelle – Portraits of People and Pets Since 1987.

    I am primarily a representational painter with many portrait works in my portfolio. There also is almost as many landscape and floral works in twenty-six years of painting. I have enjoyed painting flowers, and in that one subject, many pieces I’ve produced are abstracts.

    Lisabelle - Evo For Gee Fun In The Sun

    I enjoy working in oil paint, pastel, acrylic and watercolor. Though, I may promote each of the areas above, independently. My paintings and portraits are in collections throughout the North America. I work on commissions generally with portrait painting, otherwise, I paint for my own satisfaction and exhibit and sell my work using the internet and galleries.

    Lisabelle - Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

    Carmen and Scarlet 2010 Oil on canvas 36×48″, a commission for a patron in San Francisco, painted in a studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The two girls are students in a grade school classroom, celebrating Chinese New Year and the beautiful colorful costumes, are what inspired me, and their expressions are what makes this painting appreciated.

    Evo For Gee Fun In The Sun Oil on canvas 36×60″ 2012. Inspired by a digital image I shot of this pair on a sunlit late afternoon at the shoreline of a tributary of the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The light sunbeams and water are romantic and the warmth of a summer season, gives this painting sentimentality.

    Truth or Consequences, New Mexico Oil on canvas 8×10″ 2012 painted from a digital image I took, while traveling and visiting New Mexico.

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