Paola Bazz – 3d pixelated and fragmented portraits

Blurred Identity - Paola Bazz

Blurred Identity – Paola Bazz

Paola Bazz

For me, art is, in its essence, a recycling project. The artist takes a set of materials and ideas, revisits them with reconsidered concepts, and repurposes them to create something new.

Arace - Paola Bazz

Arace – Paola Bazz

My work explores the constant change of our identity, its destruction and re-construction, through portraiture, using, as a medium, materials which lived previous lives, such as printed-paper, recycled from magazines, leaflets and catalogues.

Our society is characterized by a kaleidoscope of rapid changes in which nothing keeps its shape and where both humans and things are disposable. Our identity is in a permanent state of flux. Nothing is truly necessary and nothing is born to live long.

Can you see me 2 - Paola Bazz

Can you see me 2 – Paola Bazz

By manipulating, selecting, cutting and folding printed-paper, I create small or large concertinas that result in big pixels with a squared base. Placing these big pixels within a rigid grid and glueing them onto a cardboard base, I create complex 3D collages. Portraits of people created by putting all together an aggregate of fragments, half-finished sentences, faces, images and letters, in a sort of jigsaw puzzle. I like playing with the idea that all these fragments are records of different stories and all together they contribute to tell a new story.

In a world where everything is in a permanent state of flux, the images that are generated in my fragmented 3d portraits are readable or very distorted, depending on your point of view. From afar they look like a pixelated image of a person, but a closer look reveals thousands of fragments, words, faces and colours that create a complex abstract image forcing the viewer to engage with matters beyond what is immediately visible and encouraging different ways to look at things.

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