David Vanorbeek – Metal Art Sculptures

David Vanorbeek - Honeybee-sculpture

David Vanorbeek

David Vanorbeek, born 1968 in Leuven, Belgium, lives and works in France. He is a professional artist since 1999, self-taught in Art and self-taught in Metal.

David Vanorbeek - Spiral

David Vanorbeek tells about his work:
I am a professional artist. Every six seconds I think of my sculptures.

People ask me, how do I get my ideas? I can only reply that I don’t need ideas, I need metal.

David Vanorbeek - La Crise (The Crisis)

The thread that runs like red wire through all my work is recycling. If I could, I would turn all the old metal and scrap iron I find into a museum of modern art.

I am currently focusing on abstract art, including monumental metal sculptures. My work has developed and taken different directions over the past ten years, but was originally inspired by insects.

Visit his website: www.vanorbeek.com

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