Joanna Wlaszyn – Exploring the possible interpretations of reality

Artificial nature study 4 - Joanna Wlaszyn

Artificial nature study 4 – Joanna Wlaszyn

Joanna Wlaszyn

For me, art is a transitive reflection of reality that oscillates in-between illusion and the multidimensional relevance of perception

Joanna WLASZYN is an interdisciplinary artist who comes from architectural background. Drawing on the theoretical concepts indirectly involved in her projects, Joanna Wlaszyn employs different media to realize collages, hybrid sculptures and installations. Her artistic practice demonstrates an active engagement with continually evolving post-digital culture.

High definition blur 3 - Joanna Wlaszyn

High definition blur 3 – Joanna Wlaszyn

By merging traditional and digital technics, she explores different modes of perception based on phenomena such as visual simulation, conceptual speculation or ubiquity of simulacra.

Joanna Wlaszyn is creating the possible interpretations of what’s real by capturing the hidden nature of apparent realities situated somewhere in-between visible and invisible, natural and artificial, real and fictive. With recurring speculative paradigms related to such dualities, she aims to represent the state of potentiality that oscillates in-between the illusory world and the multidimensional relevance of perception. With a reverence for conceptual art and a real interest in digital technologies, Wlaszyn’s work melds the visual language and conceptual experiment in alternative representations.

Digital print of time n26 - Joanna Wlaszyn

Digital print of time n26 – Joanna Wlaszyn

Joanna Wlaszyn has studied architecture, art and new media design. She holds a PhD in Critical Theory of Architecture from University Paris-Est and a master degree MS in New Medias Art & Design from Ensci in Paris. She is also the author of scientific publications that explore the multifaceted impact of digital technologies on the disciplines of art, design and architecture. Born in Poland, she lives and works in Paris.

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