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Albyky - Sandman


“It is difficult to write about Albyky and her work, so much that even she doesn´t dare.
A climbing plant that grows from her ankle, separated her from the outside world.
She watered the vine to be isolated in its delicacy, in its mystery, in its labyrinths.
Inside all this, she paints. In the complex and beautiful world into a vine, seen by her.”
(Quote, Quique Fernandez Pastor)

Albyky - Dreams

She was born in 1980 and studied Art in Paris, then she moved to Spain to continue her studies and lived for 10 years in Granada where she painted most of her work. Afterwards she moved to Madrid, where she lives actually.​

Her work is quite eclectic.

Using different techniques, from traditional, acrylic, watercolors, etc. on canvas (in most of her pictures) to digital. She prefer paint on paper, canvas and wood.

Albyky - Little nemo in sumberland

Her paintings are more geared to figurative painting and illustration where color plays an important role.
In the beginning she was very inspired by the world of comics, then as time went on, painting was a way for her to travel within herself and understand her better so her inspiration revolved around her surroundings, what she was experiencing, and her moods, her dreams… Hence her work is quite personnel and oneiric.

She has always been influences by artists who have fascinated her as Klimt, Hundertwasser, Sergio Toppi and many more.

Albyky tells about her work: ”I paint untitled pictures that don’t change anything and write colorful stories that mean nothing because you have to make nests, invent stories … have dreams, visions and obsessions to survive”

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