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Russ Smith - Field of Dreams

Russ Smith

As someone who has always enjoyed drawing, it is sometime difficult to call myself an artist. Being able to see a subject and capture it in one of my charcoal drawings is something I find enjoyable. The memories and the enjoyment that I get from seeing the finished drawing is what I hope to relay onto the people that view my work.

Russ Smith - Majestic Bull Elk

I have never received any official training, or taken courses to learn techniques. I do not try to do photo realistic drawing, I believe a drawing is a drawing, I hope that when someone views my work it will trigger a special memory for them.

Russ Smith - Back to the Water

I began drawing when I was in grade school and continued into my late twenties it was not until the last year and a half that I started drawing again. I for got how much enjoyment it brought to me. I also forgot just how long some drawings take to get the way I want them.

As you will find when viewing my work there is a special place in my heart for wildlife my favorite subject. Although I do enjoy drawing just about anything it seems that if there is an animal in it, it is just a little more special to me.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work and if you have any comment on them then please leave me a comment or two. I would love to hear from you.

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