Barbara Vanhove | Realistic still life painting

  • Pears and figs | Barbara Vanhove

    Pears and figs | Barbara Vanhove

    Barbara Vanhove

    For me, art is a moment of escape…

    Barbara Vanhove is a contemporary still life artist. She is renowned for her unique still lifes.

    Barbara grew up with artistic aspirations. At a young age she enrolled in painting and drawing classes that formed the foundation for her career as an artist. She graduated from the Bischoffsheim Institute in Belgium, before spending several years as a set painter in the theatre as well as working on large murals for the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels.

    Strawberry times | Barbara Vanhove

    Strawberry times | Barbara Vanhove

    Then she was the pupil of the Master Willem Dolphyn of Antwerp. Over the course of her four years spent sharing his knowledge and techniques with her, she managed to develop her talents and her own style.

    Barbara’s still lifes are inspired from the great Flemish masters of the seventeenth century. Her work tend towards an idealised realism via noble subjects.

    Summers temptation | Barbara Vanhove

    Summers temptation | Barbara Vanhove

    Barbara chooses her subjects with care, making sure each painting tells a story. She creates life with Imari old porcelain plates, pot or delft jug, items full of history and meaning.

    Her paintings show her talent in the way she renders reflections and in the quality of reproduction of the surface of her objects. The way in which she uses light and shade is truly remarkable, conveying her poetic emotions via the beauty that she perceives in objects.

    Her work has been shown in exhibitions in Belgium, London and various international fairs.

    She currently lives and works in Belgium.

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