Two From West Adams | Multimedia art at the MuzeuMM Gallery

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Two From West Adams
Multimedia art at the MuzeuMM Gallery in Los Angeles
Artists: Lucinda Luvaas & Rufus Snoddy
October 1st – November 20th

This exhibition of Lucinda Luvaas & Rufus Snoddy is a celebration of creativity and community.

Artist Rufus Snoddy grew up in the West Adams District. He had his studios in the neighborhood and lived here for decades. Lucinda Luvaas came to Jefferson Park two years ago. She works full time on her visual art projects, films and sound. The two are friends and share a love and respect for visual art and the arts in general. Both have exhibited their work extensively.

Lucinda’s work is represented by the Walter Wickiser Gallery, Inc. in Chelsea/NYC where she shows regularly and participates in Art Fairs here and abroad. She’s had numerous shows here in the LA area at non-profits and commercial galleries. Lucinda’s work is in collections at the Brooklyn Museum, NY, the Sonoma County Museum of Art, CA, Fort Collins Art Museum, CO, the Holter Museum of Art, and others.

Lucinda spent a number of months producing the film that accompanies this exhibition called: Two From West Adams. The movie examines the work of both artists in addition to giving a colorful sense of the neighborhood where these artist lived—both past and present.

Rufus has worked as a muralist, and done commissions for Denzel Washington, writer Dean Koontz, former Los Angeles Dodger, Todd Zeile and many more. He has exhibited in Paris, NYC and other locales around the country.

Exhibition: Two From West Adams | Lucinda Luvaas & Rufus Snoddy
When: October 1st – November 20th
Where: MuzeuMM Gallery, 4817 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, United States

Opening reception: Saturday, October 1st, 6-10 pm
Screening of the film: “Two From West Adams” at 8pm

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