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Can you keep a secret | Philip Mckay

Can you keep a secret | Philip Mckay

Philip Mckay

For me, art is a visual journey of life.

It was something I had in mind for a very long time and it was to create a period in my life in pictures.

The dark years are a collection of artworks that I created telling a visual story about my lowest part of my life.

I have kept and written diaries about that period in my life, then in 2005 I started to learn digital art and it was soon after I set about creating the dark years in art.

One step further | Philip Mckay

One step further | Philip Mckay

Some of my work is about depression and fear, loneliness and desolation. That was all in the past and many years ago. Today I create the dark years in my artwork and events that have occurred at some stage in my life.

I appear in some of the images that I have created. It’s about my life and I wanted to be part of that story.

The two images called “agoraphobia and can you keep a secret” that is actually me re-living the dark years.

Agoraphobia | Philip Mckay

Agoraphobia | Philip Mckay

Moving away from that subject, I am very influenced on Belgian artist Rene Magritte and his surrealism art. It’s when I first saw his work, it was then I decided that was the style of artwork I wanted to create.

My work is digital composites and I create them in photoshop using the wacom intuos graphics tablet. All images used are photos that I have taken myself or purchased from a stock photo agency.

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